Today was such an exciting day because I was finally getting able to go to the beach. I’ve only been to the beach once in my life, and it was when I was younger, so I wasn’t able to fully understand an experience like that. This was a once and a lifetime experience that I didn’t want to miss out on. We woke up early to catch the trains and surprisingly from there and back the train process was smooth and easy. No one was left, and we made it safe and on time. When we got to Viareggio, the town was very pretty and tranquil. I loved all the palm trees and beach vibes because it was so soothing. The beach was so pretty, and so was the areas that we sat in.

It was so funny because the first thing we did was go take pictures. It was like we were having our own personal photo shoot. The people kept starring at us, smiling, because we were taking so many pictures. Eventually, we wanted to enjoy the moment, so we tried hard to stay off of our phones and interact with one another. The water was so cold and a pretty blue color. The view of the mountains from the ocean was so beautiful that we kept wanting to take pictures with the view in the back. I couldn’t help but stare out into the ocean thinking about what amazing opportunity I just embarked on. After awhile, a few of us went to eat and man that place was incredible. One thing Italy never fails at is having delicious and juicy watermelon, and I ate a lot of it.

The best part about this trip was just being in the moment and enjoying good vibes. It was very peaceful to just sit and relax without any worries in the world. It felt good to lay down and forget about responsibilities for once, to be stress free, and to treat yourself. I feel like everyone truly deserved a day like this from everyone’s hard work and dedication to PCS. It was a beautiful moment to be around everyone, joking around and getting closer. With the chill music in the background, the sun beating down on my skin, and the breeze blowing, I thought about nothing but myself and the moment. It felt good to think about your own peace of mind. Overall, today was a much needed and relaxing day.