Most of us know this day as “Columbus Day,” yet know so little of the history of this day. Today was not the day that Columbus found America, actually he never did, but a day to actually celebrate those that inhabited America, but were not credited. People inhabited America long before Columbus came; however, that’s the story our history books told us. Knowing the true story of what Columbus did to indigenous people and his fraud of finding this country opened my eyes more on the brutal history of America. Indigenous people need to be given credit, as they were the true founders of America. Today on the South Oval, there was a march and celebration of indigenous culture, as it showcases pride. The beauty in learning the truth behind history is to be woke and not close minded, to be educated, and not lied to. As I learned what today’s true meaning meant, it brought tears to my eyes. I thought I knew the real story of Columbus; that he didn’t discover America; however, In my African and African American Studies class, there was much more to this. Indigenous people have been oppressed for a long period of time, so today is the day to represent one’s culture and show out! (: