Today was the day we’ve all been waiting for: miles of walking. I didn’t believe it would have been bad until I took the journey myself. I really do love to walk and run, but when there’s so many people and too much commotion going on around you, it gets very hot and overwhelming. Rome is so packed, it’s ridiculous, so I was always on the edge about my stuff. The walk to the Vatican Museum was so long, but totally worth it. On our way there, we made a few stops and one of those stops had to be the Museo Frati Cappuccini Cripta Ossario. This Museum was so cool because it had a hall of bones. We also saw the San Rocco Di Montpellier sculpture, momentos, and Cappuchos (a tunic with a hood).

The Hall of Bones was so neat because the bones were in different sections and were neatly organized to look momentous to the viewers. It was a very symbolic area that represented the many lives lost because the mortality rate was so high, death was and still is inevitable. As Kirk said it best, “No matter how much we try to control our own world, death will always have the last laugh.” The Hall of Bones had a very powerful message behind it, and that’s why I liked it so much. After that, we continued our adventure to the Vatican Museum. It was incredible to see how popular this site was due to the extremely long lines, but also crazy because of the wait. These vendors that kept walking by to sell stuff were so persistent, it was insane.

The Vatican Museum was absolutely amazing. It was huge, beautiful, symbolic, and so much more. We saw a lot of things from the Laocoon sculpture to the Seven Sorrows of the Virgin Losing Her Son sculpture. Before the Vatican, we saw many fountains that you could drink from! I was so shocked because I felt like that would’ve been very gross to drink from, but Kirk said they’re actually the cleanest water in the city, so I gave it a try. It was actually really good and cold too. I just hope that doesn’t cause any complications later down the road, haha. To end the night, we had a family PCS dinner at this amazing restaurant, with the best service ever, then all of PCS went out for a fun night at a lounge. It was Karaoke night, and you know we blew that stage up. I’m truly going to miss these nights.